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Sean Lightbourne, often known as Pond Guy, is a person who designs incredible aquascapes for his clientele. "Growing up, I always desired a fish tank, but my family could not afford one. As a youngster, though, we were rebuilding our bathroom, and I was able to use the old bathtub as the first pond I ever created. Currently, I am constructing 100-by-100-foot, 12-foot-deep ponds for clients. The pastime I began as a youngster is now a profession that I look forward to every morning.

Sean studied professional aqua landscaping at the Aquascape Academy in Illinois, where he studied water feature care, pond ecology, and pond construction, among other topics. H e is the only licensed aquascape contractor in the Bahamas, and he has tapped a unique market. Sean returns annually to the Illinois facility to get recertified and has worked with some of the industry's greatest personalities, including Wayde King and Brett Raymer, the hosts of the popular Animal Planet reality program Tanked. The in-laws, closest friends, and business partners own Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, the largest maker of aquariums in the United States.

Since establishing his aqua landscaping business, Aquaria 242, Sean has also been gaining recognition as the "242 Pond Guy." "Aqua landscaping entails developing a water-based environment for the enjoyment of my clientele.He elucidated.We construct ponds, fountains, waterfalls, fish tanks, and pondless ponds (a waterfall that empties into an underground reservoir, eliminating the need for a pool of water at the top).

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