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We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a business to change the world.

Sean Lightbourne, often known as The Pond Guy, is a person who designs incredible aquascapes for his clientele. "Growing up, I always desired to have a fish pond, but my family could not afford one. As a youngster, though, we were rebuilding our bathroom, I was able to use the old bathtub as the first pond I ever created. Currently, I am constructing 100-by-100-foot, 12-foot-deep ponds for clients. That would be equivalent to about 2,000 bathtubs. The pastime I began as a youngster is now a profession that I look forward to every morning.

Sean studied professional at the Aquascape at Aqualand in Illinois, where he studied water feature care & maintenance, pond ecology, and pond construction, among other topics. He is the only certified aquascape contractor in the Bahamas, and he has trapped a unique market. Sean returns annually to pondemonium in Chicago Land area to update his certification. Sean has worked with some of the industry's greatest personalities, including Greg Wittstock "The Pond Guy", Ed Beaulieu "The Pond Professor", Brian & Chris. Hosts of the popular Youtube channel "The Pond Guy" and Team Aquascape. During his travels has also worked with Wade and Brent the Host of the popular animal planet reality program "Tanked", which is one of the largest maker of aquariums in the United States of America.

Since establishing his business Aquaria better known as "The Pond Guys", which is his aquascaping business. Sean has also been gaining recognition as "The Pond Guy." Seans vision for aquaria focuses on an ecosystem approach to water features that relies on the most natural balance of circulation, filtration, plants, fish, and rocks and gravel to ensure sustainability. As a natural evolution, Aquaria strengthens and cultivates its commitment to the environment and the responsible use of water - based environment for the enjoyment of his cliental . Water is our planet’s greatest resource and Aquaria is dedicated to providing natural, responsible, and creative landscape solutions.

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